Masters of Text Podcast

My co-host and I launched Masters of Text in 2015 as a way to explore different strategies for discussing certain types of less-than mainstream texts. Initially, my primary investment was to learn how to produce a podcast with high-quality audio, rhetorically savvy editing, and to conceptualize content effectively holding together as a cohesive project.

Ames initially was more interested in our project of exploring and promoting the reading and discussion of the types of material we would cover. However, relatively early in our first season, the two of us moved toward a much more common distribution of investments and practices within the project. As far as production goes, Ames and I both participated in the recording and editing of the audio segments. We also worked together to choose which texts to discuss and which ancillary projects we also wanted to include. I produced the video below as a trailer to showcase the project for a presentation of faculty professional projects. You can read a description of this trailer’s production here.

This project also required that I learn a LOT about exporting and

[Skills/Practices/Equipment: Organized podcasting setup in home office. Website design using WordPress as the content management system and a customized version of the PowerWP Pro theme. Production of original logo and marketing materials. Hardware: Two Rode Procaster microphones. Zoom H6 portable audio recorder. Audio editing tools included: Adobe Audition, Audacity, Hindenburg Journalist, Auphonic Leveler.]

*I only use Ship of Theseus here because it’s how you might be able to look it up yourself, using Amazon or your favorite library. For the sake of discussion, conceding to the premise that Ship of Theseus is just one of the elements of the project, Ames and I use “the S. Project” as a way of more comprehensively characterizing the overall project’s myriad components.